Debugging Test Cases

We try to make it as hard as possible to fail by providing detailed error messages during creating and editing a test case definition.

To check if your defined sessions work as expected you can manually check each request that will be executed during the test run with automatically generated curl requests.

curl Requests

StormForger generates curl requests from your defined sessions to give you an idea what will be executed during the test run. In fact we don't use curl during test run execution but for debugging purposes we figured that this is the most convenient way.

  1. After saving or updating a test case you will be redirected to the test case detail page.
  2. Below the test case summary you will find a box labeled sessions which lists all your defined sessions.
  3. Click on the session of interest and the session will expand presenting you all defined requests of the session as CURL requests.
  4. You can now just copy and paste them into your terminal.