Stress Testing

Stress testing, aka capacity testing, is used to determine the upper limits of capacity within the system under heavy load.

Typically you set up a worst case scenario and increase the load till the system breaks or non-functional requirements are violated.

The goal is to determine the system's capacity and to find potential bottlenecks.

How to

To determine the system's capacity you have to steadily increase the load. The smaller the steps the more accurate are the system's limits.

In the test case definition you can use different arrival phases to increase the load.


In the following example 4 arrival phases are defined, each with a duration of 5 minutes. The load increases at a ratio of 100% in each step.


  { duration: 5 * 60, rate: 5, },  // 5 minutes,  5 new clients per second
  { duration: 5 * 60, rate: 10, }, // 5 minutes, 10 new clients per second
  { duration: 5 * 60, rate: 20, }, // 5 minutes, 20 new clients per second
  { duration: 5 * 60, rate: 40, }, // 5 minutes, 40 new clients per second

definition.session("stress test", function(session) {
 // ...
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