Reference Overview

Data Sources

Many tests require special test data. We provide multiple options to extend your otherwise static tests using data sources.


Each test case has to have at least one session, which describes what a newly launched client will do.


Each test case has to have at least one target, which defines the protocol (http/https), hostname and port of the target.

Arrival Phases

To specify how many clients StormForger should launch you have to set one or more arrival phases.


Each session has to contain at least one request.


StormForger is able to send push notifications with information snapshots during a test. Take a look at the integration reference for more information.

Content Extraction

Use content extraction to extract data from responses via JSONPath, XPath or regular expressions for subsequent requests.

Test Run Details

For each test run we provide a detail page with serveral metrics.

Test Cluster

StormForger starts a dedicated load generator cluster for your test run.

Non-Functional Requirements

StormForger offers to define formal, non-functional requirements to check your test runs.