Test Cluster

StormForger starts a dedicated load generator cluster for your test run. You can configure the size of the cluster and the region where the cluster will be launched.

In your test case definition you can set this option as follows:

  cluster: {
    sizing: "preflight",
    region: "eu-central-1" // default: "eu-west-1"

The size you'll need depends on the complexity of your test case and the desired amount of load you want to generate.

Cluster Sizing

Cluster sizing defines the load generator cluster that is used to generate the defined load in terms of server type and server quantity.

The preflight mode is for trial purposes and only very limited resources will be allocated to your test.

For a proper load test StormForger offers 3 types of cluster sizing: small, medium and large.

How to choose the right cluster size depends on your test case definition and its complexity. Basically two main factors must be considered for picking the right size namely request count and bandwidth.

If you have many requests with a low bandwidth the amount of requests is the primary factor for limitations. If you have a high bandwidth per request you might want to consider the total bandwidth as primary factor.

Cluster Region

Currently available cluster regions in StormForger are:

Region City Name
Europe Central Frankfurt eu-central-1
Europe West Dublin eu-west-1
US East N. Virginia us-east-1
US West N. California us-west-1
US East Ohio us-west-2
Asia Pacific Tokyo ap-northeast-1
Asia Pacific Singapore ap-southeast-1
Asia Pacific Sydney ap-southeast-2
South America São Paulo sa-east-1

If you need to know what IP ranges will be used consult AWS's documents on AWS IP Address Ranges.

If you are interested in load generated from another AWS region get in contact with us via support@stormforger.com.

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